Angelo is an 18 years old DJ from Belgium, who lives in Antwerp. He is a passionate about music, in particular progressive and electro. Hi is known as a Desultory. He started in the music very young. When he was 10 years old their parents gave to him his first DJ set as birthday present. He…

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The Damian Channel

The Damian Channel has been Producing Electronic music for over 5 years wiith some classical piano theory and training. I have been a huge fan of electronic music ever since I have heard groups like Devo, Kraftwerk, Front 242 and 808 State. I live near San Francisco and have seen a lot of talent go…

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Omar Salinas

OMAR SALINAS is a figure of the media, with a recognition in music industry and events organization, sponzored by international brands, travel agencys, your operators, luxury hotels,municipalities, government agencies and private companies. This charismatic dj, producer and promoter has spent more than two decades at the centre of the underground house scene, fusing the power…

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time aperture

Time Aperture

Born in Sacramento, California in 1995, Sean Hanagan began his voyage into music by taking up guitar at age 12. After playing guitar for five years he wanted to explore other forms of music. At age 17 Sean began producing electronic music under the alias of Time Aperture. Taking inspiration from artists such as: Deadmau5…

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He has already mixed music for many and few people, indoors and outdoors. For him, music not only begins when you play a record, or even finishes when you stop it. It continues while you drive, eat or sleep. His musical style perfectly fits the moment, with sounds of yesterday, recovering or inventing the tomorrow.…

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His interest for the mix and production of electronic music emerged in the mid-’90s, where he began to create his first songs, since then, he has continued to produce specializing primarily in two genres, Techno and Trance, but he was in 2009 when he resumed his career as producer to personal level until today. His…

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