DJ Starmist

Sturla T Sivertsen, the 32 year old which is more commonly known in the music business as DJ Starmist (also only Starmist) or Klubb Musix to a lot of people, is an artist, producer and DJ with an extremely special skillset when it comes to these roles in combination on stage and in the studio.

His DJ playstyle is consistent and aggressive, and by listening to his mixes you can tell that there’s hard work involved. The producer role shimmers through the DJ sets, and his on-stage performance focus is intense and original.

As an artist and producer, he has been featured on a few pretty decent compilations, and has cooked up an impressively big library of tracks over the years. He started out making music at age 16, and has released dozens of tracks under different names and monikers. Among those are: C0N DiJ0, Starmist, DJ Starmist ++

He also landed third place in the LANDR Japan Remix Contest featuring HilocoNerodoll and the track “Come On”.

Starmist now currently resides in a city on the coast of Norway called Kristiansund.


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