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Johny T Simelani is a young producer from Johannesburg South Africa who specialises in Deep House, Ambient, Electro, Minimal, Tribal Music and Chill out music. He started producing and remixing from 2010 and never stopped spreading the love of music.



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At the young age of 13, Preston Devonshire, more commonly referred to as Pressy, began making music. Originally creating hip hop beats, he slowly progressed toward electronic music. He tries to infuse many different genres into his music while still keeping the basics of electronic dance music. In early 2013, his talent was discovered on SoundCloud by Jonathan Andreu of Itchycoo Records.

After speaking with Omar Salinas, they struck a deal and he signed with Itchycoo. Now he’s slowly becoming more popular in the underground scene and the future is bright for this producer of only 19 years of age. Whether it’s the crazy melodies of tracks such as “Angry Trolls”, or the smooth chord progressions of tunes such as “Imperfect Conditions”; his music is going to make you dance..



His interest for the mix and production of electronic music emerged in the mid-’90s, where he began to create his first songs, since then, he has continued to produce specializing primarily in two genres, Techno and Trance, but he was in 2009 when he resumed his career as producer to personal level until today.

His style, retro and melodic on his “Trance” tracks and surround and dark on his “Techno” tracks, define his works well. He currently works as eletronic music producer in his spare time and attention to his personal enjoyment and the same for his listeners.



He has already mixed music for many and few people, indoors and outdoors. For him, music not only begins when you play a record, or even finishes when you stop it. It continues while you drive, eat or sleep. His musical style perfectly fits the moment, with sounds of yesterday, recovering or inventing the tomorrow. Producer and DJ, as a good shaker, he mixes and stirres rhythms to create dynamic and flexible sessions, for people who want both listening and dancing.

His love for the rhythm and the crowd guides his musical intuition, either at a big club or in a small and friendly party loft. Ramón Mayor is the person behind Poolar.
 For Poolar, it is very important seeking feedback on people emotions in his dj sets.

His sophisticated style and refined selection of records, as well as amazing mixing techniques, Difficult to classify, strange, restless, curious and perfectionist. In his DJ sets you can hear musical styles such as Minimal House, Techno, Electro

Time Aperture

time aperture

Born in Sacramento, California in 1995, Sean Hanagan began his voyage into music by taking up guitar at age 12. After playing guitar for five years he wanted to explore other forms of music. At age 17 Sean began producing electronic music under the alias of Time Aperture. Taking inspiration from artists such as: Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz, Time Aperture has beautifully crafted melodies that take you on a journey. With production ties with progressive house, Time Aperture isn’t afraid to jump genres and try something different while still maintaining an uplifting and inspiring flare in each track.